Living english episode_01.wmv

Episode 1. Pleased to meet you

Anne, a wine dealer from Singapore, arrives at Adelaide Airport and meets her local buyer, Sarah.

Anne walks out with the other passengers…

ANNE Excuse me…

SARAH Anne Lee?

ANNE Yes. Hello

SARAH I’m Sarah Taylor. I’m your new local buyer. Pleased to meet you.
(they shake hands)

ANNE It’s very kind of you to meet me.

SARAH Oh. Sorry. This is my husband, Mark.

MARK Good morning. How are you?

ANNE Very well thankyou.

MARK How was your flight?

ANNE Actually, I’m a bit tired. It was a very long flight.

SARAH Let’s get your bags.

The three watch as the bags go around. Anne points.

ANNE That’s mine there! The red one.

MARK It’s heavy!

ANNE Sorry.

SARAH Don’t worry. Mark’s strong – aren’t you dear?

MARK No worries.

Come on. Let’s go to the hotel.

They leave the airport.

dealer (n)
1. (dt) người buôn bán, kinh doanh (chuyên một mặt hàng nào đó)
someone who buys and sells something
buyer (n)
1. (dt) người mua hàng vào
someone whose work is to buy for a department store, a company, etc.
local (adj)
1. (tt) địa phương, thuộc về một nơi nào đó
in or of a certain place
shake hands (~)
1. bắt tay
hold someone’s hand as a greeting and move it up and down
flight (n)
2. (dt) chuyến bay
a trip on an airplane
Episode Note 
1 Greetings 
2. Introductions
3. Simple Sentences  
4. Personal Pronouns  
5. THAT and THIS 
6. Adjectives 

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