Living english episode_07.wmv

Episode 7. Come to Lunch

SARAH invites ANNE to meet her family.
SARAH and ANNE taste a sample of wine.

ANNE Mmm. It’s very smooth. Good flavour too.

SARAH It sells well in restaurants here. I think these’ll sell well in Singapore.

ANNE The samples you sent me were very popular with our staff. You seem to understand our tastes in Singapore.

SARAH Thankyou. It’s my job to know what my clients like.

ANNE seems distracted. SARAH observes her for a moment.

SARAH So, are you enjoying the city?

ANNE (unconvincingly)
It’s very nice.

SARAH What are you going to do tomorrow?

ANNE I don’t know. I’ll probably stay in the hotel and relax.

SARAH Why don’t you come to lunch with us at home?

ANNE Oh thankyou, but you have your family.

SARAH Yes, and they want to meet you. We’re going to have roast chicken – traditional Aussie food.

ANNE Sounds good. Alright, I’ll come.

SARAH Great.

ANNE What time?

SARAH We eat at about one-o-clock. So about twelve-thirty? I’ll show you the house.

ANNE Okay. Thankyou

SARAH I’ll get my brother to pick you up.

ANNE No that’s okay. I’ll get a taxi.

SARAH Alright then. That’s settled!

Vocabulary :

smooth (adj)
1. (tt) nhẵn; trơn; mượt; bằng phẳng; lặng
not rough on the surface
2. (tt) bẳng phẳng; êm
not bumpy
We had a smooth ride.

flavor (n)
1. (dt) vị ngon; mùi thơm; mùi vị
(Brit flavour) taste

taste (n)
1. (dt) vị giác (giác quan để nhận biết vị)
(no plural) one of the senses; the ability to feel or recognize something in your mouth

distract (v)
1. (đt) làm sao nhãng, làm lãng đi
take your mind off what you are doing

observe (v)
1. (đt) quan sát, theo dõi
watch carefully

roast (n)
1. (dt) thịt quay, thịt nướng
a large piece of roasted meat


không làm cho người ta tin

Episode Note

1. Going To

2. Will


4. Days

5. Prepositions Of Time


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