Living english episode_08.wmv

Episode 8. This is my brother

ANNE goes to SARAH’s house for lunch.
ANNE arrives in a taxi.

TAXI-DRIVER Here we are.

ANNE How much is that?

TAXI-DRIVER That’ll be seventeen-fifty thanks love.
She gives him twenty dollars

ANNE Keep the change.

TAXI-DRIVER Thankyou. Have a nice day.
ANNE walks towards the house and knocks.
The door is opened by a little girl (LOUISE).

ANNE Hello. I’m Anne.

Louise turns and runs.

SARAH comes to the door.

SARAH Come in Anne!

ANNE What a beautiful house!

SARAH It’s been a lot of work, but we’re getting there. This is the bathroom. This is my daughter’s bedroom. And here’s the kitchen.
Louise is in the kitchen ‘helping’.

SARAH Anne’s here. You’ve met my daughter Louise.

ANNE Hello Louise.

LOUISE I’m helping.

ANNE Yes, I see…

SARAH And my husband Mark.

ANNE Hello again.
Mark pretends to have a pain in the back.

ANNE Ooh! Sorry about my heavy bag.

MARK Just kidding.

SARAH But you haven’t met my little brother. This is Steve.

STEVE I was going to pick you up this morning. You wouldn’t let me.

ANNE I’m sorry. I like to find my own way around.

STEVE No worries. Maybe another time.

Yes, maybe

Come on. Let’s go outside.

Vocabulary :

change (n)
2. (dt) tiền lẻ
(no plural) the money that you get back after you pay your bill

toward(s) (prep)
1. (gt) hướng đến
in the direction of

pretend (v)
1. (đt) làm bộ; làm ra vẻ
try to make something appear to be true
He pretended not to hear.
2. (đt) giả vờ
imagine that something is true

pain (n)
1. (dt) sự đau đớn, sự đau khổ (thể chất, tinh thần)
something that hurts you

back (adj)
1. (tt) đằng sau; sau; hậu
farthest away from the front
The tallest pupils sit in the back row.
2. (tt) đã qua; cũ
earlier in time; belonging to the past
back numbers of the magazine.
back (adv)
1. (tr) đằng sau

kid (v)
1. (đt) đùa, lừa phỉnh
(informal) joke
[kidded, kidding]
He’s only kidding.

pick up (v)
2. (đt) đến đón ai
come and get someone at a certain place and time
I’ll pick you up at your house at 7:30.

Episode Note

1. Paying

2. Rooms

3. Possessive Pronouns
4. Relations & Family


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