Living english episode_10.wmv

Episode 10. What’s the matter?

ANNE finds out SARAH’s secret mission.

SARAH I’m sorry about my brother.

ANNE Not at all. You have a lovely family. Everyone seems so happy.
ANNE breaks down in tears. SARAH goes to her, concerned.

SARAH Anne! What’s the matter?

ANNE There’s something I haven’t told you.

SARAH What is it?

ANNE When I met your brother, I was thinking about my brother, David. I haven’t seen him in two years.

SARAH How come?

ANNE He’s missing. One reason I came to Australia is to find him.

SARAH I’m so sorry. Have you had any luck?

ANNE Not yet. I’ve hired a private investigator.

SARAH Goodness! Do you think he’ll find him?

ANNE Perhaps. I don’t know. It’s been a long time since David last called.

SARAH What do you think’s happened to him? Have you any idea?

ANNE I really don’t know. I can’t help thinking the worst.

SARAH I’m sure he’s alright. If something bad had happened, you would have heard.

ANNE I guess so. I suppose you’re right.
But ANNE doesn’t look convinced.

Vocabulary :

secret (adj)
1. (tt) bí mật, thầm kín, kín đáo
that people don’t know about

mission (n)
2. (dt) s
mnh, nhim v
the purpose for which a person or group is sent somewhere

concerned (adj)
1. (tt) lo âu, băn khoăn
He is very concerned about his health.

guess (v)
1. (
đt) đoán
give an answer you hope is right but you are not sure
Can you guess who wrote this song?

Episode Note

1. Apologising – 2. Showing Concern – 3.Present Perfect – 4. Past Participle – 5. Agreeing & Disagreeing – 6. For, Since, Ago


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