Living english episode_11.wmv

Episode 11. Let me Help

SARAH offers to help ANNE

SARAH: Can I help you find your brother?

ANNE : You’re very kind. But it’s not your problem.

SARAH: I want to help. What can I do?

ANNE : Well, maybe you could get some copies made of this photograph.

She shows SARAH the PHOTOGRAPH of her brother.

SARAH : Sure. I’d love to. Anything.

She looks closely at the photograph.

SARAH: He’s very good looking. Such a nice smile. Is he tall?

ANNE: Fairly tall.

SARAH : He looks very fit. Does he play a lot of sport?

ANNE: No, he used to.

SARAH: What does he do? Is he a student?

ANNE: He’s not really academic. He’s clever, but he prefers to do things with his hands.

SARAH: He sounds nice. I’m looking forward to meeting him.

ANNE smiles at the encouragement.

Vocabulary :

offer(v): đề nghị

offer (n) lời đề nghị

good looking: đẹp trai

smile: nụ cười

fit: khoẻ mạnh



1. Offering help

2. Adjectives

3. Describing People 4. A Bit, Very, Fairly, Quite


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