Living english episode_12.wmv

Episode 12. The day after tomorrow

ANNE and SARAH plan a meeting.
SARAH is working at her computer. ANNE knocks at the open door.
SARAH : Come in Anne.

ANNE : Good morning!

SARAH : Good morning. Are you feeling better today?

ANNE : Yes thank you.

SARAH : What’s on the agenda?

ANNE : I’m thinking about this trip to the wineries. I want to meet your main suppliers and talk to them about the market.

SARAH :Great. They’ve been dying to meet you. When do you want to go?

ANNE : As soon as possible. How about tomorrow?

SARAH :I can’t tomorrow. I’ve got some other appointments. What about the day after tomorrow?

ANNE :Yes, that’s good. It’s Monday today, so that will be Wednesday. What date is that?

SARAH : The fifth of November.

ANNE: Okay. What time shall we meet?

SARAH: I’ll pick you up at nine o-clock.

ANNE :Good. How many wineries do you think we’ll be able to see?

SARAH: I’m not sure, four or five. Definitely our biggest suppliers, and maybe a few surprises.

ANNE: I can’t wait. Will it take all day?

SARAH: Most of the day. I’ll start ringing now, and let them know we have a very important client all the way from Singapore.

ANNE: Thankyou. I’m looking forward to it.

SARAH: Me too.

Vocabulary :

knock: gõ cửa

feel: cảm thấy

trip: chuyến đi

winery: nhà máy rượu vang

supplier: nhà cung cấp

dye: nhuộm

as soon as possible: asap: càng sớm càng tốt

appointment: cuộc hẹn

pick up: đón

looking forwards to: ngóng trông, mong


1Making Arrangements

2. Shall

3. Adjectival Numbers

4. Dates

5. At, On & In

6. Fractions


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