Living english episode_13.wmv

Episode 13. What are you doing tomorrow?

STEVE makes a date with ANNE
STEVE is nervously fiddling with the phone. He starts ringing, then puts it down, then rings again.
At the hotel, the CLERK answers the phone.

CLERK: Medina Hotel. Marie speaking. How may I help you?

STEVE : Can I speak to Ms Anne Lee, please? I’m not sure what room she’s in.
The CLERK puts the call through.

CLERK: I’ll put you through sir.
In her room, ANNE is looking through some wine catalogues. The PHONE rings.


STEVE: Hello. Anne? This is Steve Parker.

ANNE:(puzzled) Steve Parker?

STEVE: Steve… Sarah’s brother. We met…

ANNE:(surprised, but pleased) Oh, Steve! Hello Steve.

STEVE:Hi. What are you doing?

ANNE: Oh, working. I’m planning a trip to the wineries later in the week.

STEVE: Oh. When are you going?

ANNE : Ah,Wednesday.

STEVE:Oh, good. What are you doing tomorrow?

ANNE: Nothing. Why?

STEVE : Well I have the day off, and I was just wondering… well I was just wondering whether you wanted to go to a wildlife park… with me. You said you’d like to go to the zoo.

ANNE: That’s right, I did. Yes, thankyou Steve, I’d love to go.

STEVE: Alright! I’ll meet you in the foyer. Ten o’clock?

ANNE : Okay, ten. I’ll see you then.

STEVE: Great! Goodnight Anne.

ANNE: Goodnight Steve.
She hangs up, pleased.

Vocabulary :

nervous: bồn chồn

fiddle: kéo, nghịch vơ vẩn

wonder: băn khoăn

wildlife: hoang dã

zoo: sở thú

foyer: phòng giải lao


1Telephone Request

2.Taking Telephone Calls

3. Telephone Numbers

4. Making A Date

5. Present Continuous

(+)S+ to be+ V-ing ..

-(-) S+ to be not + V-ing..

(?) to be + S+ V-ing?


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