Living english episode_22.wmv

Episode 22. Look after yourself

ANNE sees the Professor.
ANNE reads a sign ‘Adelaide University’ She enters the university grounds.
She walks down a corridor and sees a sign on a door ‘Professor GRAHAM Cornish’ She knocks on the door.

I’m sorry to hear your brother’s gone missing, Miss Lee.

We’re all so worried. I’ve come to Adelaide to look for him. How long did he study here?

I’m not sure, er, two semesters.

Did he get good grades?

I’m afraid not. I don’t think computer science was the right direction for him.

The investigator, Mr Barbour said you have a letter, from David.

Ah, of course. It’s addressed to you. I told him I’d only give it to you in person.

Dear Anne, Please don’t look for me. I need to be by myself. I can’t study any more. Tell mum and dad to forget about me and take care of themselves. You too. Look after yourself. I’m sorry. Love, your brother David.
ANNE puts the letter down. Tears fill her eyes.
GRAHAM holds out a box of tissues.



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