The business of english – tiếng anh thực tế ep12

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LIN: Hello, Lin Chan, Sales Manager for National Sugar – and my associate John Martin.
VICTOR: Very pleased to meet you. I’m Victor Tang, and this is my legal adviser Sue Panay.
JOHN: I hope you had a pleasant flight over.
SUE: Yes, we did thanks.
JOHN: Are you staying for a few days?
VICTOR: Unfortunately we need to get back to Manila tomorrow.
LIN: Well, we’d better get down to business. Mr Tang, to start off with, I just want to say we believe we can offer you a very good deal and come up with a win-win result.

Well, from our point of view, we see it as an exploratory talk – testing the water you might say.
SUE: We don’t intend to reach any agreements at this meeting – in any case we would need to run it past our board first.
JOHN: You haven’t heard our terms yet – you may find them hard to resist!
(Victor and Sue exchange a raised eyebrow)
LIN: Of course we understand you need time to consider any offer. My first priority is to keep the negotiations open.
VICTOR: What’s your proposal Ms Chan?
LIN: We’re prepared to offer a very attractive price for a minimum sale, in exchange for a two-year contract. John will clarify the terms.


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