The business of english – tiếng anh thực tế ep13

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LIN:….so that’s our offer. We think it’s a fair one, with advantages for both sides.
VICTOR: Yes, well, we’re prepared to consider your offer Ms Chan, if you can accept some conditions.
SUE: And subject to consideration by the board…
JOHN: What are the conditions?
VICTOR: Well, firstly the price you’re proposing. Would that be variable depending on currency fluctuations? The issue is that we’re in an unstable environment at the moment – the exchange rate could affect us negatively.
JOHN: Us too!
VICTOR: True, but the problem is that we’re tied to the U.S. dollar.
LIN: We could consider hedging against currency in both directions.
SUE: That would be acceptable.
VICTOR: Another problem we may have is that of supply. Our customers often need supply at short notice. If we do get large orders, we need to guarantee delivery – so we need to stockpile. The difficulty there is the capital outlay. How would you feel about a partial offset against our sales?
JOHN: You mean a loan.
VICTOR: I suppose so.
SUE: Would you be agreeable to a deferred payment? We can provide security of course.
LIN: I think that would be acceptable. Unfortunately, I would need to get Board approval for it.
SUE: Of course.
VICTOR: Then I think we might have a deal!
LIN: In principle.
JOHN: Time to celebrate!


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