The business of english – tiếng anh thực tế ep14

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DENISE: Our keynote speaker is a man who I’m sure is very well known to all of you. He’s Professor of Fruitology at Dubbo University and has written many books on the subject of tropical fruit. So without further ado, I’d like to introduce our keynote speaker, Doctor Sam Eriks.
SAM: Thankyou Denise.
The Honourable Judith Bryant, Minister for Trade, Professor Eric Vogel, Professor of Economics at Wagga University, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. Today’s topic ‘why bananas are bent’ is a very significant one in terms both of international trade, and culture. In thinking about the topic, I felt it would be appropriate to address briefly the history of bananas and banana farming, the many qualities of bananas, both positive and negative, and of course examine the uses of the banana.
But first let me tell you a story about a banana.
Ladies and gentlemen, I hope I’ve been able to clear up a few misconceptions, and leave you with some new ideas about how we might view bananas in the future.
We’ve seen, in looking at their history, that bananas have a significant role in many cultures. I’ve also noted their positive nutritional qualities. And in addressing the main question, why bananas are bent – we’ve learned that the reasons are many and complex.
Madam Chair, thankyou for the opportunity to address the conference today, and thankyou ladies and gentleman for your kind attention.


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