The business of english – tiếng anh thực tế ep15

business.jpg picture by luunguyenphu2007




Waiter serves drinks…
SAM: Thankyou.
VICTOR: Well, it has been a great pleasure to meet you Sam, and Lin.
SAM: Yes, we’ve enjoyed meeting you too Victor.
LIN: Yes, it’s been great. What a pity you have to go home.
VICTOR: Well, all good things must come to an end. But I’m sure we’ll meet again.
SAM: Yes, I hope so.
LIN: And good luck with your business. I’m sure it will go well.
VICTOR: And I wish you every success too.
SAM: Well, I think we should drink a toast to the end of the conference, and to ourselves. Here’s to us.
VICTOR: Cheers
LIN: Cheers.
SAM: We should keep in touch.
VICTOR: Yes. Have I given you my card?
SAM: No – thanks very much.
Here’s mine.
VICTOR: Do you have a card Lin?
LIN: Yes.
VICTOR: Thankyou. I’ll send you an email. And if you’re ever in Singapore, you must look me up.
SAM: We certainly will. And you have my number. When you’re next in Sydney, give me a call – we’ll have a drink.
WAITER: May I take these?
(takes glasses)
VICTOR: Well, I’d better get going or I’ll miss my flight.
SAM: (shakes hands) Have a good flight home. Bon voyage.
LIN: Goodbye. Until next time.
VICTOR: Goodbye.


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