Irregular verbs example: abide, arise, awake, bear, beat

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To abide: sufrir, soportar, cumplir abide (abáid) abode (abóud) abiden (abíden)
I cannot abide her constant unpunctuality.
The employees must abide by the rules of the company.
Bill always abides by his promises.
To arise: levantarse, surgir arise (aráis) arose (aróus) arisen (arísen)
Problems always arise during such protests for human rights.
Disputes arose over who would be the first to speak.
Many questions have arisen recently over the origin of life.
To awake: despertarse, despertar awake (awéik) awoke (awóuk) awoken (awóuken)
Mary will awake in an hour because she has to go to work.
I awoke in the middle of the night when I heard that noise.
The patient has awoken from a two-week coma.
To bear: aguantar, soportar, parir bear (ber) bore (bor) born (born)
I cannot bear her bad manners anymore.
The child bore the pain without complaint while the doctor cured the injuries on his arm.
The actor was born in a small village in Argentina.
To beat: golpear, derrotar, batir beat (bíit) beat (bíit) beaten (bíiten)
My neighbor beats his wife every night. He should be arrested.
Do you think you can beat Jack at chess?
My team has been beaten four times already.

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