Irregular verbs example: become, begin, bend, bet, bid

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To become: convertirse en, llegar a ser, volverse, ponerse become (bikám) became (bikéim) become (bikám)
My son wants to become a doctor when he grows up.
Bill won the lottery and became rich overnight.
Obesity has become a problem in the United States.
To begin: empezar begin (biguín) began (bigáan) begun (bigán)
The alphabet begins with the letter “a”.
It began to rain just as we were going out.
They had begun to work when the bell rang.
To bend: doblar, torcer, inclinarse bend (bend) bent (bent) bent (bent)
The river bends beyond that tree.
The doctor bent over to examine the patient.
Be careful! You have bent my glasses.
To bet: apostar bet (bet) bet (bet) bet (bet)
It is possible to bet on almost anything nowadays.
Mary bet a lot of money on that horse that came in last.
John has bet ten dollars that he can beat me in a tennis match.
To bid: ofrecer, pujar, licitar bid (bid) bid (bid) bid (bid)
The English company will be bidding for the oil contract.
At the auction, James bid $5,000 for the painting.
Bill has bid the highest price for the book at the auction so far.
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb

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