Irregular verbs example: bind, bite, bleed, blow, break

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To bind: atar, unir, encuadernar bind (báind) bound (báund) bound (báund)
You can use this ribbon to bind the package.
I’ve got Shakespeare’s Complete Works bound in leather.
A strong culture has bound the Chinese people together for many years.
To bite: morder, picar bite (báit) bit (bit) bitten (bíten)
When Jack is nervous, he bites his pencil.
My neighbor’s dog bit Sally the other day.
During the picnic, we were bitten by mosquitoes.
To bleed: sangrar bleed (blíid) bled (bled) bled (bled)
The boxer had a black eye and his nose was bleeding.
The injured dog bled to death on the roadside.
Bill could have bled to death if the he had not received help.
To blow: soplar blow (blóu) blew (blú) blown (blown)
A freezing wind is blowing from the south.
Billy blew the candles of his birthday cake.
That terrible windstorm had blown all the trees down.
To break: romper break (bréik) broke (bróuk) broken (bróuken)
Please handle this vase with care or else you’ll break it.
The kid fell off the tree and broke his arm.
We can’t use our microwave because it is broken.

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