Irregular verbs example: breed, bring, broadcast, build, burn

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To breed: criar, engendrar breed (bríid) bred (bred) bred (bred)
He has a ranch in Mexico where he breeds horses
Those dogs were traditionally bred for protection.
The puppies that my dog has bred will be given away.
To bring: traer bring (bring) brought (brot) brought (brot)
Can you bring me the newspaper from the bedroom?
Astronauts brought back a piece of the moon.
They ate all the food we had brought for the party.
To broadcast: transmitir broadcast (brodkást) broadcast*(brodkást) broadcast*(brodkást)
Our TV always broadcasts the local celebrations.
The tennis match will be broadcast in the morning.
CNN has broadcast a documentary on terrorism.
To build: construir build (bild) built (bilt) built (bilt)
The government plans to build new schools in this area.
The survivors built a raft and were able to get to the shore.
More and more hotels are built for tourists in this region.
To burn: quemar burn (bern) burnt* (bernt) burnt* (bernt)
Many people exercise to burn calories.
Susan burnt all the letters her boyfriend had written to her.
The historical building was burnt to ashes by vandals.

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