Irregular verbs example: burst, buy, cast, catch, choose

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To burst: explotar, reventar burst (berst) burst (berst) burst (berst)
I hate balloons when they burst.
One of our car tyres burst after hitting a pothole.
My son started to cry because his balloon had burst.
To buy: comprar buy (bái) bought (bot) bought (bot)
I have been saving some money to buy a new car.
The old lady was feeling lonely so she bought a dog.
She told her grandson that she had bought a lot of candy for him.
To cast: lanzar, echar, emitir cast (kast) cast (kast) cast (kast)
The tall building casts a shadow over the park.
The fisherman stopped his boat and cast the net into the river.
The news which had cast doubts on the president’s honesty was false.
To catch: atrapar, asir, tomar catch (kach) caught (kot) caught (kot)
Spiders use their webs to catch insects.
Jack caught the train at seven o’clock that morning.
The thieves were caught when they were coming out of the shop.
To choose: elegir choose (chúus) chose (chóus) chosen (chóusen)
The jury will have to choose one winner per country.
She chose the most beautiful dress in the shop and bought it.
Mr. Jones was chosen as executive director of the company.

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