Irregular verbs example: clap, cling, clothe, come, cost

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To clap: aplaudir clap (klap) clapt* (klapt) clapt* (klapt)
After the lecture, the audience started clapping.
When the girl saw her gift, she clapped her hands in delight.
Everybody clapped when Sally went up to get her diploma.
To cling: agarrarse, adherirse, aferrarse cling (kling) clung (klang) clung (klang)
We sometimes cling to silly superstitions.
The survivors of the shipwreck clung to a raft.
The dictator has clung to power for too many years.
To clothe: vestir, revestir, cubrir clothe (klóud) clad* (klad) clad* (klad)
The mother clothed the little boy in a woolen sweater.
She was clad in an elegant silk dress.
Ivy clothed the walls of the castle.
To come: venir come (kam) came (kéim) come (kam)
Tom usually comes to school by bus.
She is feeling sad because nobody came to her party last night.
How many people have come to the exhibition yet?
To cost: costar cost (kost) cost (kost) cost (kost)
Excuse me, how much does this book cost?
His fiancée’s diamond ring cost a fortune.
It has cost a fortune to continue with that war.

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