Irregular verbs example: creep, cut, deal, dig, dive

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To creep: gatear, arrastrarse creep (kríip) crept (krept) crept (krept)
We saw a crocodile creeping along the road.
The camper crept into the tent as soon as the sun had set.
The spider crept up my arm towards my neck.
To cut: cortar cut (kat) cut (kat) cut (kat)
My father often cuts himself while shaving.
Billy cut his finger with a knife when he was cooking.
The hairdresser has cut Jane’s hair very short.
To deal: tratar con, repartir, dar deal (díil) dealt (delt) dealt (delt)
Ms. Pierce deals with all kinds of people in her job.
Fred started the game by dealing two cards to each player.
Those detectives dealt with very dangerous criminals.
To dig: cavar dig (dig) dug (dag) dug (dag)
The dog dug all the garden but couldn’t find its bone.
They’re digging for gold in this area.
A ditch is being dug along the road.
To dive: zambullise, sumergirse, bucear dive (dáiv) dove* (dóuv) dived (dáivt)
It was very hot, so we dove into the lake and swam for a while.
These town folks dive for pearls as a means of living.
Lucy has dived with sharks many times since she came here.

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