Irregular verbs example: do, draw, dream, drink, drive

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To do: hacer do (du) did (did) done (dan)
We should do something to help those people.
The doctors did everything they could to save the patient.
What have you done with my books?
To draw: dibujar, extraer, sacar draw (dróo) drew (dru) drawn (dróon)
I went the bank to draw some money out of my account.
The teacher wants to know who drew her caricature on the wall.
Some readers have drawn wrong conclusions about the book.
To dream: soñar dream (dríim) dreamt* (dremt) dreamt* (dremt)
I dreamt about you last night.
She was dreaming when the alarm clock went off.
Mark has always dreamt of becoming a doctor.
To drink: beber drink (drink) drank (draank) drunk (drank)
You mustn’t drink and drive.
Tracy drank far too much yesterday.
I have drunk too much wine already.
To drive: conducir, ir en coche, llevar en coche drive (dráiv) drove (dróuv) driven (dríven)
I drove to the supermarket but couldn’t find a parking space there.
Could you drive me to the airport
The truck driver has driven the whole night and now he is exhausted.

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