Irregular verbs example: dwell, eat, fall, feed, feel

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To dwell: habitar, morar dwell (duél) dwelt (duélt) dwelt (duélt)
That family used to dwell in a cottage beyond the river.
When he was a boy, he dwelt with Alaskan Indians.
Prehistoric man dwelt in caves.
To eat: comer eat (íit) ate (éit) eaten (íiten)
Laura is a vegetarian so she doesn’t eat meat.
I was so hungry that I ate everything I found in the fridge.
We’ve eaten so much that we won’t have dinner.
To fall: caer, caerse fall (fol) fell (fel) fallen (fólen)
The kid fell down and broke his leg.
With the coming of autumn, leaves are starting to fall.
The temperature has fallen sharply.
To feed: alimentar/se, dar de comer feed (fíid) fed (fed) fed (fed)
I haven’t fed the cat yet.
My baby is too young to feed himself.
The farmer fed the horses before going out to the field.
To feel: sentir/se, palpar, tocar feel (fíil) felt (felt) felt (felt)
If you take some aspirin, you’ll feel better.
Susan felt very sad when her cat died.
Feel this feather pillow! It’s really soft.

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