Irregular verbs example: fight, find, fit, flee, fling

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To fight: pelear, combatir fight (fáit) fought (fot) fought (fot)
Two of my classmates are always fighting.
My grandfather fought in World War II.
Steps should be taken to fight poverty.
To find: encontrar find (fáund) found (fáund) found (fáund)
I can’t find my wallet. Have you seen it?
A dead whale was found on the shore.
Have you found your glasses?
To fit: encajar, quedar bien, instalar fit (fit) fit* (fit) fit* (fit)
David tried the blue suit on, but it didn’t fit him.
This key doesn’t fit the lock.
All the rooms in this company are fitted with sprinklers.
To flee: huir, huir de flee (flíi) fled (fled) fled (fled)
The Jacksons fled to the U.S. when the war broke out.
When the police arrived, the driver had already fled the scene of the accident.
The fugitive was caught by border guards while trying to flee the country.
To fling: echar, arrojar fling (fling) flung (flang) flung (flang)
As Peter arrives from work, he always flings his overcoat onto the sofa.
The kids flung themselves onto the bed and turned on the TV.
The door was suddenly flung open by the wind.

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