Irregular verbs example: fly, forbid, forcecast, foresee, foretell

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To fly: volar fly (flái) flew (flu) flown (flóun)
We saw a plane flying over the lake.
A sparrow flew in through the window.
This pilot has flown large passenger airplanes for many years.
To forbid: prohibir forbid (forbíd) forbade (forbéid) forbidden (forbíden)
His doctor has forbidden him to eat salt.
The teacher forbade the pupils to leave the classroom.
Photography is strictly forbidden during the show.
To forecast: pronosticar, preveer forecast (forkást) forecast* (forkást) forecast* (forkást)
Temperatures were forecast to drop abruptly.
Thunderstorms are forecast for tomorrow.
Experts are forecasting an upturn in the economy.
To foresee: preveer foresee (forsíi) foresaw (forsó) foreseen (forsíin)
It’s impossible to foresee how their plans will work out.
They foresaw some difficulties arising in the future.
Nobody could have foreseen the extent of the damage.
To foretell: predecir foretell (fortél) foretold (fortóuld) foretold (fortóuld)
No one can foretell the future.
The witch foretold that Thomas would become famous.
Who can foretell what the future will bring?

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