Irregular verbs example: forget, forgive, forsake, freeze, get

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To forget: olvidar forget (forguét) forgot (forgót) forgotten (forgóten)
I have forgotten about today’s appointment.
Before I forget, what’s your phone number?
Liza forgot her umbrella on the bus.
To forgive: perdonar forgive (forguív) forgave (forguéiv) forgiven (forguíven)
I’ve lost your book. Please, forgive me!
She won’t forgive Steve for what he did to her.
His boss forgave Mark for arriving late.
To forsake: abandonar, desamparar forsake (forséik) forsook (forsúuk) forsaken (forséiken)
Alice loved Mike and promised that she would never forsake him.
That woman forsook her family and went to live abroad.
Paula adopted a stray dog whose owner had forsaken it.
To freeze: congelar freeze (fríiss) froze (fróuss) frozen (fróussen)
Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius.
A climber froze to death on the mountain.
Prices have been frozen owing to the new economic measures.
To get: conseguir, recibir, ponerse, llegar get (get) got (got) got/gotten (goten)
Billy got a tennis racket for his birthday.
I got a very angry when I saw what they had done.
I don’t know how to get home from here.

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