Irregular verbs example: give, go, grind, grow, handwrite

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To give: dar give (guív) gave (guéiv) given (guíven)
Mr. Blake gave his wife a ring for their wedding anniversary.
The Jacksons have always given food and clothes to the poor.
Will you give this letter to your mom, Molly?
To go: ir go (góu) went (went) gone (góon)
We went to the movies last night.
Henry usually goes to work by train.
Mary is not at home. She has gone to the doctor’s.
To grind: moler grind (gráind) ground (gráund) ground (gráund)
Let’s grind some coffee for breakfast.
The cook ground some meat in order to make hamburgers.
Carol has been grinding her teeth in her sleep lately.
To grow: crecer, cultivar grow (gróu) grew (gru) grown (gróun)
Deserts are too arid for grass to grow.
My puppy has grown very quickly during the first seven months.
When I was a child, we had an orchard where we grew apples.
To handwrite: escribir a mano handwrite (jand-ráit) handwrote (jand-róut) handwritten (jand-ríten)
Since Paul doesn’t have a computer, he handwrites all his letters.
Yesterday I handwrote my essay because my printer was broken.
The mysterious note the Clarks received was handwritten but not signed.

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