Irregular verbs example: hang, have, hear, hide, hit,

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To hang: colgar hang (jáang) hung (jang) hung (jang)
Are you going to hang that horrible picture on this wall?
Please come in and hang your coat from that hook.
Caroline hung a flag from her balcony to show her solidarity.
To have: tener have (jáav) had (jáad) had (jáad)
The Jacksons have three small children.
Mr. White had a lot of money years ago, but now he is very poor.
Linda has had a well-paid job since 2004.
To hear: oír hear (jíier) heard (jerd) heard (jerd)
The old lady wears a hearing aid because she can’t hear very well.
The dog started barking when he heard footsteps around the house.
Have you heard the latest news on the radio?
To hide: esconder/se hide (jáid) hid (jid) hidden (jíden)
The kid was very scared so he hid under the bed.
The burglar was hiding from the police in the basement.
What have you hidden in that box, Sam?
To hit: golpear, pegar hit (jit) hit (jit) hit (jit)
That tennis player hits the ball very hard.
Amanda has never hit any of her children.
The old man hit the thief on the head with his walking stick.

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