Irregular verbs example: hold, hurt, inlay, input, keep

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To hold: sostener, celebrar, esperar hold (jóuld) held (jeld) held (jeld)
As she was crossing the street, Susie held her dad’s hand tightly.
The champion is holding the trophy in the air.
A tennis competition is held in this city every year.
To hurt: herir, lastimar, doler hurt (jert) hurt (jert) hurt (jert)
When the ballet was over, the dancer’s feet hurt.
The horseman hurt his back while taming a wild horse.
Karen’s lies have hurt Steve so much that he’ll break the engagement.
To inlay: incrustar inlay (inléi) inlaid (inléid) inlaid (inléid)
The lid of the coffer was inlaid with gold.
Pieces of wood have been inlaid to the living-room wall.
That jeweler inlays boxes with silver and gold.
To input: entrar, introducir input (ínput) input* (ínput) input* (ínput)
This teller inputs figures into the bank’s network system.
All this data has already been input into the computer.
Who input this text yesterday?
To keep: mantener, guardar, continuar, criar keep (kíip) kept (kept) kept (kept)
Waiter, here’s a ten dollar bill. Please, keep the change.
The old lady kept her jewels in a safe.
That farmer has kept cattle for years.

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