Irregular verbs example: kneel, knit, know, lay, lead

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To kneel: arrodillarse, estar de rodillas kneel (níil) knelt* (nelt) knelt* (nelt)
The vet kneelt down to examine the horse’s hoof.
Many people kneel to pray.
While listening to the priest, the congregation was kneeling.
To knit: tejer, tricotar knit (nit) knit* (nit) knit* (nit)
My grandmother loves knitting woolen scarves.
Amy knit this white shawl herself.
Wendy has knitted many sweaters using a machine.
To know: saber, conocer know (nóu) knew (niú) known (nóun)
We have known Victor for eight years.
I know very well what you mean.
Steve knew that he would not get any help from anybody .
To lay: poner, colocar lay (léi) laid (léid) laid (léid)
Hens lay eggs.
Cindy has always laid the table before dinner.
The schoolboy laid his books on his desk and ran to the playground.
To lead: guiar, llevar, conducir lead (líid) led (led) led (led)
Eating junk food can lead to health problems.
That hermit has always led a very quiet life.
The hostess led us to our table.

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