Irregular verbs example: lean, leap, learn, leave, lend

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To lean: apoyarse, inclinarse lean (líin) leant* (lent) leant* (lent)
The man who is leaning against the wall is my brother.
The boss leant back in his chair and listened to his employee.
The disabled man walked slowly leaning on a woman’s arm.
To leap: saltar leap (líip) leapt* (lept) leapt* (lept)
At the aquarium, a killer whale leapt out of the water.
Gazelles run and leap over meadows.
Share prices have leapt from $200 to $350 today.
To learn: aprender, enterarse learn (lern) learnt* (lernt) learnt* (lernt)
Kevin is learning to dance tango.
Today my six-year-old child has learnt the alphabet at school.
What did Doris do when she learnt the news?
To leave: irse, dejar, marcharse leave (líiv) left (left) left (left)
The plane leaves JFK airport at 8:00 a.m.
It was very warm so I left the windows open.
I’m sorry, Mr. Parker’s not in the office. He has already left.
To lend: prestar lend (lend) lent (lent) lent (lent)
Lend me your pen, please.
I lent Greg a novel but he hasn’t returned it yet.
Anne doesn’t have her bike because she lent it to her friend yesterday.

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