Irregular verbs example: let, lie, light, lose, make

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To let: dejar, permitir let (let) let (let) let (let)
Let me just finish this and I’ll help you.
Let’s go out to dinner tonight.
Daisy’s parents didn’t let her go to the party.
To lie: yacer, echarse, quedar lie (lái) lay (léi) lain (léin)
London lies in the south of England.
There was a dead snake lying on the road.
My wife was very tired so she lay down to take a nap.
To light: encender light (láit) lit* (lit) lit* (lit)
At nightfall, the campers lit a fire and sat around it.
Mary was nervous, so she took out a cigarette and lit it.
There was a power cut, so she had to light some candles.
To lose: perder lose (lúus) lost (lost) lost (lost)
If you keep telling lies, you’ll lose all your friends.
My wife lost all our money in the casino.
I need to go to the embassy because I’ve just lost my passport.
To make: hacer make (méik) made (méid) made (méid)
I’ve just made a cake. Would you like a slice?
Is your shirt made of cotton?
Make your bed before you go to school, Ted.

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