Irregular verbs example: mean, meet, melt, mislead, mistake

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To mean: significar, querer decir, tener la intención de mean (míin) meant (ment) meant (ment)
I don’t understand. What do you mean?
I’m sorry I spilled your drink. I didn’t mean to.
Caroline had meant to help me but he couldn’t.
To meet: encontrarse con, conocer meet (míit) met (met) met (met)
Have you ever met a famous movie star before?
Let’s meet for a drink on Saturday.
Tracy met her husband when she was a college student.
To melt: derretir melt (melt) melted (mélted) molten* (móulten)
If you place an ice cube on a hot surface, it melts.
The sun had melted the snow on the roof.
To prepare the recipe, I melted some butter in a pan.
To mislead: engañar, despistar, llevar por mal camino mislead (mislíid) misled (misléd) misled (misléd)
The accused misled the jury during the trial.
He has misled us on purpose about his actual motive.
Witnesses who mislead the police commit a serious offence.
To mistake: confundir, interpretar mal mistake (mistéik) mistook (mistúuk) mistaken (mistéiken)
The woman mistook his gesture and got furious.
Alice has mistaken the dog’s welcoming bark as a threat.
I mistook the man’s good intentions and got offended.

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