Irregular verbs example: misunderstand, mow, overhear, overtake, pay

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To misunderstand: entender mal misunderstand(misanderstánd) misunderstood(misanderstúud) misunderstood(misanderstúud)
I thought Dr. Evans was your physician. I must havemisunderstood you.
You misunderstood my intentions. I just want to help you.
Don’t misunderstand Sarah—she is grateful for your assistance.
To mow: segar, cortar mow (móu) mowed (móud) mown (móun)
Our gardener mowed the lawn last week.
I can feel the smell of grass. Dad must have mown the back yard.
May I borrow your mower? I need to mow my lawn.
To overhear: oír por casualidad, oír sin intención de ello overhear (ouverjíier) overheard(ouverjérd) overheard(ouverjérd)
I overheard Mr. Gray saying that he had fire Edward.
Let’s speak quietly so as not to be overheard.
We sometimes overhear our neighbors arguing.
To overtake: sobrepasar overtake (ouvertéik) overtook (ouvertúuk) overtaken(ouvertéiken)
You mustn’t overtake vehicles on a curve because it’s very dangerous.
We had to brake because we were overtaken by a huge truck.
Knowing that she might drown, desperation overtook her.
To pay: pagar pay (péi) paid (péid) paid (péid)
How much did you pay for that car?
The Smiths paid $400,000 for their new house.
George doesn’t have enough money to pay for his debt.

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