Irregular verbs example: prove, put, quit, read, rid

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To prove: probar, resultar prove (prúuv) proved (prúuvt) proven* (prúuven)
His attorney believes that the new evidence will prove his innocence.
In the U.S., people are innocent until proven guilty.
Martin’s suspicions proved to be groundless.
To put: poner put (put) put (put) put (put)
Have you put sugar in my tea?
Gracy, put all your toys in the box before dinner.
After the burglary, we put a new lock on the door.
To quit: abandonar, rendirse, dejar quit (kuít) quit (kuít) quit (kuít)
My uncle decided to quit smoking.
If you don’t give me a raise, Mr. Miller, I’ll quit my job.
Betsy is on a diet so she had to quit junk food.
To read: leer read (ríiid) read (red) read (red)
Have you read any of his novels?
Should I read this book, Miss Anderson?
Vivian read about the accident in yesterday’s newspaper.
To rid: librar, desembarazar rid (rid) rid* (rid) rid* (rid)
Jack left home because he wanted to be rid of his parents.
We got rid of old clothes by calling the Salvation Army.
Alex ridded himself of guilt by telling the truth.

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