Irregular verbs example: say, see, seek, sell, send

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To say: decir say (séi) said (sed) said (sed)
Excuse me -I couldn’t hear you. What did you say?
“Good morning, madam!” said the janitor.
Listen to me. I have something to say.
To see: ver see (síi) saw (so) seen (síin)
We saw a very good movie last night.
Dave bought a pair of glasses because he can’t see very well.
The murderer was seen running from the scene of the crime.
To seek: buscar seek (síik) sought (sot) sought (sot)
My girlfriend is seeking a new job.
As Peter was involved in an accident, he sought legal advice.
That company has always sought new ways to expand its business.
To sell: vender sell (sel) sold (sóuld) sold (sóuld)
My neighbours sold their house to Mr. Walker for $500,000.
Most record stores sell CD’s and DVD’s.
This novel has sold so well that it has been reprinted many times.
To send: enviar send (send) sent (sent) sent (sent)
Bob sent the parcel by mail yesterday
I need go to the post office to send a letter.
Alison hasn’t sent any e-mails yet.

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