Irregular verbs example: set, sew, shake, shave, shear

  present past past participle
* Could be conjugated as a regular verb
To set: poner, ambientar set (set) set (set) set (set)
No sooner had he arrived than he set his suitcase on the floor.
The movie is set in San Francisco in the early ‘60s.
I don’t want to oversleep so I’ll set the alarm clock for six.
To sew: coser sew (sóu) sewed (sóud) sewn* (sóun)
A dressmaker sewed my wedding dress.
The seams in Dad’s suit were sewn by a tailor.
Mom, could you please sew the button on this jacket?
To shake: sacudir, agitar, hacer temblar shake (shéik) shook (shúuk) shaken (shéiken)
The whole city was shaken by the earthquake.
Shake the bottle well before you take this medicine.
I asked my uncle to lend me his car but he shook his head in disapproval.
To shave: afeitarse, rasurar shave (shéiv) shaved (shéivt) shaven* (shéiven)
Your beard is growing. You should shave it.
My cousin shaved off his moustache two days ago.
He has shaven his head because he has decided to become a monk.
To shear: esquilar, cortar shear (shíir) shore* (shor) shorn* (shorn)
All the sheep on this farm are shorn twice a year.
The town’s barber shears his hair every other month.
I’ll take my poodle to the pet shop so that they’ll shear her.

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